Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Social Media Following

Every company should have a social media presence on at least one, if not multiple media platforms. For B2B, the most relevant are LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram, and (possibly) Facebook (more about that in a future post). But, simply having an account without a strategy behind it will not benefit or help grow your company. You…

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Earned Media: Maximizing Value for Growth

You get quoted in an article that’s published in your target media outlet. You’re excited and hope that it will generate a large amount of traffic to your corporate website and that the phone will ring off the hook. You’re disappointed when the phone doesn’t ring and new clients are not lining up at your…

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10 Tips for Summer to Get Your Company Ready for its Close-Up

Yes, it’s the dog days of summer and autoresponder messages are hitting my email box like bugs on a windshield. But, instead of kicking back and waiting for everyone to return from their summer vacation, now is the perfect time to take a pause, refresh, renew and reinvigorate your plans. By using the slower summer…

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KalvinPR Goes to AOL/Makers

Inspiration is found in any number of places. While we can spend hours every day in front of a computer, sometimes it’s best to hear about how others are channeling a vision into something absolutely amazing. That’s what I found during a behind-the-scenes tour of AOL Makers from founder and executive producer, Dyllan McGee. This…

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Lessons from Matrix 2014

I had the special privilege of accompanying Christiane Amanpour, Host of “Amanpour,” a nightly interview show, and Chief International Correspondent for CNN International, to this year’s New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards. These awards hold a special place in my heart because they honor women in the industry whose achievements and leadership are changing our world. And,…

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Beyond the Price Wars – Part 3

Integrating Social Media A successful social media campaign is about building a community that wants to engage with your brand through conversation and share their affiliation and information. What you’ll need is compelling content, an authentic voice that is true to who you are, incentive to keep your community engaged, consistent/continuous engagement and, finally, integration…

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Beyond the Price Wars – Part 2

Launching the PR Campaign Two words: Thought leadership. Your goal is to look and sound smart and people will want to hire you. But, one thing I stress to my clients: you can’t be a thought leader if you don’t want to think. It’s the job of PR to tap your thinking and expertise and…

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