Maximizing Earned Media

It’s certainly exciting to land a feature story about your work in the press. But, if you just upload the story to your online newsroom with a link and call it a day, then that’s a big miss. Why? Because it won’t generate tons of traffic to your website and make the phone ring off the hook.

That’s just not how PR works.

Earned media needs to be maximized to work even harder for you. It’s an extremely effective tool when used correctly: studies show that 92% of consumers trust earned media as opposed to just half who trust paid media. Earned media is the workhorse of credibility. It builds awareness, making you the agency of choice. But it’s a process that needs to be nurtured and built over time.

Here are some ways to make the most of the media attention you receive:

  • Post it to your online newsroom and email excerpts to your clients/prospects: Make sure everyone who needs to see it, does.
  • Share it across all your social channels and invite your employees to share as well: Encouraging everyone in your network to re-share posts will amplify your message. The more people share it, the more people will see it.
  • Incorporate links to recent coverage in your boilerplate and email signatures: This is a great way to let clients and colleagues know about your most recent successes.
  • Make it the feature story in your email newsletter: Keep your subscribers abreast of all the great things you’re doing.
  • Toot your horn on your company Slack channel and in all-hands Zoom meetings: Media attention is a morale booster.

When you make the most of your earned media, it becomes the engine to propel customer recommendations and social engagement that can be sustained over time. You can increase the lifespan of your features and news by amplifying it properly and making sure different audiences see it.

Moscow, Russia - August 26, 2014: Photo of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Flickr and Instagram homepage on a monitor screen. This is the most popular social network in the world.