Content Strategies that Support Earned Media

Do you have a content strategy to supplement and support your earned media strategy? If not, now might be a great opportunity to put that in place. Why? Because developing
a strong content strategy will increase exposure exponentially, setting you up for success and growth.

Your original content channels (blogs, websites, social media) are where journalists and prospects check you out to confirm credibility. Searching and reading what you’ve shared along with your thought leadership can give them a solid indication of your expertise. As the primary source for information about your company, your content channels should be organized and rich with detail, providing fodder for reaching out and inviting insights and opinions. Your website and social media create a strong first impression that will determine whether people will take that crucial next step and initiate further dialog.

But your strategy needs to be nurtured to grow. So, set some time aside to create content that you can schedule to post throughout the year by:

• Using key phrases to boost SEO: This will increase your visibility and ensure that your website ranks higher on internet search pages.

• Asking contributors/experts for quotes to include in the copy for added credibility: Ask the contributor to share the content on their own channels for an added boost of visibility.

• Hosting a brainstorming session with your team for trends, ideas and input: There are many creative ways to craft original content that will get you noticed!

• Answering the pain points your clients are grappling with: Avoid the urge to post self-serving content and instead post about issues that you often find clients seek advice on. This will position you as the expert and help your clients as well.

• Reviewing your website with an eye toward adding content areas: On average, it takes about 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion of your website (and you by extension). Make sure all your most relevant information is immediately visible.

• Following key influencers in your space and inviting them to follow you back: Building a network of professionals in your field will further establish credibility.

What are you waiting for? Build strong channels that establish your credibility, and make your websites and social media accounts one-stop shops for everything your prospects would want to know about you.


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