Media Relations

8 Tips for Nailing that Media Interview

Becoming a trusted source for a journalist is one of the best ways to achieve expert status and build credibility. Reporters are required to produce content at a dizzying pace; making it imperative to understand their world, be accessible and provide information they need in a digestible format. Reporters we work with today frequently return…

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5 Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

Maybe you never thought of podcasting as a great way to promote yourself, but you may be missing out on a way to reach new audiences and share thought leadership. If listeners value the information you present, they will save it, use it to refer back to, and share it with others. James Carbary, co-host…

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To Be Or Not To Be a Contrarian – 5 Things to Consider

Experts on just about every topic are a dime a dozen. If you want to be the guru in your field, sought after by journalists for quotes and known for instigating responses, then you need to take a contrarian position. It takes guts and confidence to rise above the noise of the crowd, but the…

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Are You Ready for PR in 2018? 5 Questions to Ask

We’ve all heard the saying that “Any PR is good PR,” but in the BtoB world, having a solid PR strategy can make the difference between just getting your name out vs. getting in front of the right audience with a great story and message. This type of success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. While…

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Making Peaks Higher by Building Momentum

Business may be going gangbusters for you while clients seem to be taking up just about every last second of your time, and your staff’s time, and you’re not worried about keeping your website updated or promoting your work. Developing thought leadership articles? Forget about it! Who has the time to even think beyond client…

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10 Tips for Summer to Get Your Company Ready for its Close-Up

Yes, it’s the dog days of summer and autoresponder messages are hitting my email box like bugs on a windshield. But, instead of kicking back and waiting for everyone to return from their summer vacation, now is the perfect time to take a pause, refresh, renew and reinvigorate your plans. By using the slower summer…

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Beyond the Price Wars – Part 2

Launching the PR Campaign Two words: Thought leadership. Your goal is to look and sound smart and people will want to hire you. But, one thing I stress to my clients: you can’t be a thought leader if you don’t want to think. It’s the job of PR to tap your thinking and expertise and…

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Beyond the Price Wars – Part 1

Discovery I get about one to three emails or phone calls per month from a design firm and this is how they start the conversation: “We are the best kept secret in the design world.” I will tell you that if it’s true for you, it’s the best way NOT to grow your business. So,…

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