Telling Stories That Connect

Are you telling stories that connect? That means showing up human when communicating about your agency and the work you’re doing, and it’s imperative if you want to get media coverage.

The growth of the digital world, accelerated by the pandemic, can make things seem more and more impersonal. That’s why taking a page from B2C marketers can help tell stories that evoke emotion. A story that tugs at the heartstrings or creates a sense of excitement will result in much better recall for audiences.

The important thing to remember is that people buy from people. They want to know about you and your business, not just purchase from a faceless institution. The language and tone you choose, as well as the messaging of your stories impact how well audiences relate to you. This means banishing terms such as “leveraged this,” or “leaned into that.” If you work in branding or marketing, I bet you’ve gotten used to these phrases and are tone-deaf to how they sound.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Articulate your founder story that will resonate with clients and prospects, provide emotional buy-in, and offer a window into the soul of your company: It needs to connect with what you offer, to whom and why you are different. The more detail, the better. Readers should feel like they know you a bit after reading this story!

Run storytelling workshops with a diverse group of team members: Different perspectives can be a great resource for accumulating authentic and engaging stories.

Celebrate your clients by going beyond the case study: Don’t be afraid to share more personal experiences with clients, that way the audience can get a glimpse into what it’s really like to work with you.

Identify your Enemies. Obstacles. Puzzles. Traps. Show how you help overcome them: This creates a dynamic and interesting story that demonstrates your expertise and shows how you can help clients and prospects.

Finally, check jargon at the door: Use layman’s terms wherever possible and avoid overused buzzwords and phrases. Connect with your audience by communicating in a way that’s real and relatable.

Incorporating these story writing tips can help you accentuate what makes you different from other agencies. The most important thing to remember is to keep it authentic.

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