Curious by Nature and Driven By Results


Media Relations

We’re serious when we say that we get massive media coverage for our clients. We are experts at telling your story, promoting your work, and getting you quoted in all the right places -- thus, making you the agency of choice. We have strong media relationships and we know how to make you a trusted source for them. At the end of the day, it’s all about RESULTS.


Thought Leadership/Content Creation

People want to be inspired and learn from leaders who are willing to share and help them make sense of today’s biggest challenges. That’s where we come in. We help you put your client’s aspirations, challenges and triumphs front and center in your thought leadership stories for publication in media outlets and across your own content channels.


Social Media

Driving and expanding awareness includes all your social channels. We develop a strategy for maximizing your presence by creating content and campaigns, helping you build awareness and engagement exponentially.


Media Training

Becoming a trusted source for a journalist is one of the best ways to achieve expert status and enhance credibility. Knowing how to frame those pithy sound bites/quotes requires training and practice. We teach your everything you need to hone your messages (without using jargon) to become a credible expert.


Event Planning

Strategically designing and producing successful custom events for corporate, social or non-profits includes concept development/branding, marketing/communications, site selection, audience development, on-site implementation, etc. Our team of event planning strategists will take you from concept to reality on your budget and timeframe.


Speaking Engagements

Building authority in front of the right audience includes finding the best opportunities. We research and build a calendar of conferences, webinars, podcasts, etc., and then create and submit speaking proposals on topics that audiences welcome.



Before we can effectively share your story, we need to find, define and refine it. That way we can set you apart from your competitors and help you describe what you do and who you are. The goal of the positioning is to make sure it is benefit driven for potential clients (i.e., what problems do you solve for them) and offers a window into the soul of your company. The result – a language and system that will inform everything you do: how you talk/describe your company, all sales/marketing materials, website content, by-line articles, blogs, etc.