5 Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

Maybe you never thought of podcasting as a great way to promote yourself, but you may be missing out on a way to reach new audiences and share thought leadership. If listeners value the information you present, they will save it, use it to refer back to, and share it with others. James Carbary, co-host of The B2B Growth Show, says, “The episode isn’t about you and the value proposition of your business…it’s about the quality content that you can share that will help the listener get better.” Being featured on a podcast can help set you apart from competitors and provide your company with greater respect within the industry. Here are 5 benefits of being a podcast guest.

  1. Highlight your expertise and build your thought leadership

Podcasters invite guests who present valuable content to share with the audience. If you’re articulate and interesting, and share insights and tips, then you’ll likely become a trusted source. One interview can lead to a series of others, making it easier for you to land other outlets.

  1. Broaden your exposure to an engaged audience

Those who listen to specific podcasts are highly targeted individuals who tune in regularly. In just one podcast, you can gain exposure to new audiences and generate top-of-mind awareness. The original podcast will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc., as soon as it’s published and will be accessible for years to come.

  1. Build relationships and respect within the industry

Guest starring provides the added benefit of being endorsed by the podcast host as an expert. Additionally, lively interactions with the host will help form a stronger connection with listeners as well as a reputation boost.

  1. Create more content after the interview

There are many ways to share the content even after the podcast is recorded. Publish snippets of your interview in blog posts with links to where the podcast lives. Pull quotes to share on your other social media channels. Expand on topics discussed in the interview and submit to other media outlets.  Ask if the host would be interested in posting some of these on their site to increase visibility.

  1. Share the interview across multiple platforms

Podcasts are often published in multiple mediums (i.e. audio, webpage, and video). This makes them much easier to share across different social platforms. The more likes, comments, and retweets the podcast receives, the more traffic to your website and greater awareness for yourself and your company.