Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Social Media Following

Every company should have a social media presence on at least one, if not multiple media platforms. For B2B, the most relevant are LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram, and (possibly) Facebook (more about that in a future post). But, simply having an account without a strategy behind it will not benefit or help grow your company. You must use your channels to gain followers and engage with them. The more connections you make, the more opportunity you will create. Here are 5 tips and tricks you can use to increase your social media following and make it work to achieve business goals:


  1. Make Links Visible and Accessible

When potential clients are surfing your website, you want them to easily find how to connect with you on social media platforms. Place links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. on the bottom of every page to ensure that they can connect and follow your company on all media platforms.


  1. Share Generously, But Not Just Your Own News

Share useful, interesting, newsworthy content (in addition to your own promotional posts) and include links and hashtags. This encourages others to share, making you more visible to potential clients that may not have known you before. Don’t be overly aggressive, but share regularly and when it’s appropriate. Likewise, be a generous retweeter and ask for retweets.


  1. Consistently Post, But Do Not Flood Your Channels

Nobody wants to follow an account that posts 24/7 about anything and everything, but they also don’t want to follow someone who rarely posts or engages over months or years. You need to find the happy medium in order to retain and acquire new followers. Schedule your posts (by using tools such as MeetEdgar) to ensure consistency, but not saturation. Make sure all accounts are up to date to guarantee that followers feel in the loop and are aware of the latest news.


  1. Engage with Influencers

Building connections with people in the same field can lead to more followers and potential new clients. Search categories to find influencers in your niche, share their content, mention them in your posts, email them, etc. The more you interact with them, the more likely they will build a relationship with you and share your posts in kind.


  1. Have Contests that Relate to Your Business

Even in the B2B environment, adding a fun element, such as a contest with a theme relevant to your business, can generate more interest and followers, especially when it includes the potential to win something. To enter the drawing, followers on Facebook can share the post or repost the image on Instagram. This spreads your name and message to new people who were unaware of your company and the services you offer, and, at minimal cost.

Engaging with your target audience over various platforms is an integral part of gaining clients and followers for your company. Spend the time and effort to put a strategy in place. It will pay off with greater awareness and opportunities.