KalvinPR Goes to AOL/Makers

Inspiration is found in any number of places. While we can spend hours every day in front of a computer, sometimes it’s best to hear about how others are channeling a vision into something absolutely amazing. That’s what I found during a behind-the-scenes tour of AOL Makers from founder and executive producer, Dyllan McGee. This remarkable woman (and Matrix Award winner) created this digital platform showcasing trailblazing American women, past and present. My daughter, Amy, a TV/Radio student at Ithaca College, accompanied me. The career advice Dyllan gave to Amy as an aspiring producer was priceless:

– Learn and become great at all aspects of production rather than focusing on one thing. It will make you more valuable to a potential employer.

– Show that you can use social media to grow your audience for your products/productions.

– Share the passion for what you do with everyone around you.

If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly urge you to explore: www.makers.com

Dyllan McGee, AOL Makers (middle) gives us a behind-the-scenes tour

Dyllan McGee, AOL Makers (middle) gives us a behind-the-scenes tour